These enthralling earrings are light and comfortable to wear. They are meticulously crafted using a Japanese braiding technique Kumihimo as well as dry needle felting, making them instantly noticeable and unique.

The earrings are a one-off creation, meaning no other earrings exactly like this exist anywhere! They made of 100% pure alpaca yarn without any admixtures. The yarn used is selection of fibre grown by our alpacas Nutmeg and Bryony, two of our first girls here at Little Orchard Alpacas. The white in the design is from one of our boys called Monty.

The fibre is spun into yarn by The Border Mill, who specialise in alpaca processing, before then being sent to Marta at Alpacapella Jewellery to be turned into our stunning collection of unique alpaca jewellery creations.

The earrings are very light to wear, a one of a kind piece and make for a very special gift.



Height: 6.5 cm / 2.6 in (drop+ hook)
Width: 2.7 cm / 1.1 in
Ball diameter: 1.7 cm / 0.7 in


To make the earrings a Japanese braiding technique called kumihimo (“gathered threads”) is used. It is a time-consuming technique but the results that can be achieved through it are stunning. Pieces of wire inside braids make the earrings flexible but keep it’s unique shape.

The balls are needle felted (a dry felting technique). It is also a time-consuming technique, but it does not require the use of detergents, and the alpaca fleece retains its natural character. Even after felting, the balls are still very soft! I also value needle felting for the possibility of obtaining flexible and yet durable shapes.


Made from Hypo-allergenic Surgical Steel, ideal for those sensitive to cheap metals, often high in Nickel.


The earrings are presented in a recyclable luxury grey jewellery gift box, with padding inside. This comes safely kept in a silver velvet gift pouch.

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