One finished ball of yarn takes well over a year in the growing and making and much care and love is put into every step of the process:

Each year in the Spring we shear our alpacas. Not only does it make sure they are nice and cool during the hotter months but it also means we are able to make lovely soft alpaca yarn out of the fibre they produce.

Apart from it’s extra softness, alpaca fibre is special for many reasons…

  • It comes in up to 22 official natural colours ranging from white, beige, fawn, brown, grey, black and plenty in-between
  • The scales on the fibre itself are flatter and lower in number than wool which makes it soft, shiny and less scratchy particularly around the face – so great for scarfs and hats!
  • It contains no lanolin so does not need to be scoured or cleaned with chemicals before processing.
  • The lack of lanolin also makes it hypo-allergenic and perfect for children or those who suffer with sensitivity to other fabrics such as wool.
  • It is light weight, but strong, a great insulator but also cool to the touch.
  • It has a natural shine and a lovely drape, which makes for beautiful garments!

Once shearing is complete, we pick out as much dirt and plant matter as possible and then sort and skirt the fleeces to ensure only the softest parts of the fleece go into our yarns – we are very selective and believe in quality over quantity! The rest is used for stuffing, bird nesting and many other uses – none is wasted.

The fibre is then packed up and sent off to be cleaned, carded and spun and some is dyed at the Border Mill, specialists in Alpaca Yarn. You can read about the full process here.

When we receive the beautiful yarns back, we tag the 100g balls ourselves complete with photo of the alpaca it came from, they are then ready for sale to go into your own projects of love!

We keep some of the yarn back on cones which, with our knitting, crochet and craft geniuses, we turn into beautiful Alpaca Creations!

Each of our colour batches are unique and a one-off and we are unable to reproduce exact yarns once they are sold out – so make sure to purchase as much as you need if working on a project!