Walk with Alpacas

Take a stroll through the orchard and learn first-hand about our adorable alpacas

We are now fully booked until mid-September for visits and Experiences

  • Meet our amazing, inquisitive alpacas! We start the experience with by introducing you to our alpaca boys.
  • We will have a short safety briefing and help you to handle the alpacas in the best way to make the walk enjoyable for you and your alpaca.
  • We then take a lovely relaxed walk around the orchard at alpaca-pace! You might even see some of our other resident wildlife while you are here.
  • After the walk we say hello to the alpaca mum’s, babies (crias) and other young alpacas.
  • This is the perfect chance to learn all about these beautiful animals and how we look after them; you can feed them their favourite treats and take as many alpaca piccies as you can!
  • After the walk we welcome you to stay for a drink at our alpaca paddock picnic area, or in The Alpaca Room shop if the weather isn’t wonderful!

Price Per person (ages ten and over): £18 Children under ten years old: £10 – Must be accompanied by and share an alpaca lead with an adult. We remind families that although our alpacas are very gentle, friendly creatures, as with all animals they can be unpredictable and children must follow our safety briefing at the beginning of the walk. Other information

  • The experience lasts approximately an hour and a half, including a 45 minute walk, some time to meet the rest of the herd and refreshments afterwards.
  • Depending on how many people are in your group you may need to share an alpaca for the walk, however everyone will have plenty of individual time leading.
  • Please ensure you read and agree to our Terms & Conditions before booking and visiting.

A man and woman feeding two alpacas whilst on a walk with them